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I know it has been a while since I last posted here, I think I was just recovering from all of the yarn and knitting I saw at Stitches.  Now that that is done and I think that I am all recovered for the most part, I can talk about knitting here.  I did assimilate all of my purchases into the stash, which was not easy since I am completely out of room, but I made it work.  I finally got the nerve to pull out some good spinning fiber and start working on that on the new spinning wheel.  I will say it is super nice to not have to treadle and I can just watch a movie or do whatever else and not worry about my feet.  That is also a challenge as well, since I am used to slowing down my feet to work out a unhappy section of fiber.  Though I think just hitting the foot petal and resolving it while the new wheel slows down is a good compromise.  I am spinning some Greenwood Fibers, in their sock specific fiber, which I thought would be a good start on this wheel.  I did want to spin some of the stuff I got from stitches, but I thought it to be unwise with a wheel I have not done a lot of spinning on.  So I unbraided the fiber, set up the wheel and started going to town.  I did a decent amount of spinning inn hour to two, which was made easier with the woolee winder.  I am so glad that I decided to include that in the purchase, it makes spinning so far more enjoyable and quicker, not having to move a hook or slider manually.  I bet plying will be even better, but before I can do that I asm going to need to get the lazy kate for the bobbins.  They don’t really work too well on my Lendrum lazy kate, which I found out trying to ply a little of the sample roving the wheel came with.  But that’s not a big deal, I will pick one up when I am closer to plying this yarn.  Besides that, I have not been doing any weaving or other spinning, I do need to finish the stuff on the Lendrum and then I am going to find it a new home.  It’s not that I don’t like that wheel, but it takes up some space and I just don’t use it.  The electric is just more convenient for me to use right now.  Maybe later on I will get another larger wheel, but I think that the Hansen will be perfect for a long time.


Knitting wise I am still going on my Geek Socks, which are coming out quite nice.  They are a little tight to get on, but I think after blocking they will be just fine.  I am still unsure when I need to stop knitting on the foot and start the toe decreases.  I think I am going to have to put some needles on the stitches for the heel so I can accurately measure.  But I will cross the bridge when I get there, because right now I am not close, but getting there.  I did start something new, which I should not have but this one is a thank you to a coworker who was gracious enough to cover me while I was gone for the 3 days.  It’s some yarn that I did pick up at stitches from Miss Babs in this gorgeous grey, which is just her colors.  I had a pattern for two different weights picked out before I went to the convention.  I did see some nice Sport weight that would have been a good fit for the first pattern, but I was not finding enough or the right color of grey.  So I pressed on and I found it.  Those three skeins of Miss Gabs Woodbury in Escamillo were the perfect color, weight, and fiber composition for my coworker.  Since likes to wear a lot of scarves and the day before I went on my little mini vacation she mention that she wanted to commission me to make her something, maybe even recreate a cowl that she has had for years.  I knew in the back of my mind that I was going to make her a thank you scarf, but didn’t say anything.  When I came back and thanked her again, I showed her a picture of the yarn and the pattern I was making, to which she said it was stunning.  Then I told her its was for her and she was so gracious and offered to pay for the yarn, to which I declined.  So that pattern in question?  Well it’s Rheinlust, another Melanie Berg and it’s a gorgeous scarf/shawl that I have wanted to make.  I even bought the pattern when she was having a promotion on her patterns.  So I knew that this would be the pattern for that yarn, well I knew it was an option when I was getting yarn.  It’s going decently well so far, just needs some concentration and time, which I do not have a lot of the latter.  But it is going along, I hope to get it done before the weather turns again and it would be too hot to wear.  But we will just have to wait and see, I think I’m going to knit a bit more, or maybe spin.  Were will just have to wait and see.